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  1. Argus All-Weather Tank
    Argus All-Weather Tank
  2. Tristan Endurance Tank
    Tristan Endurance Tank
  3. Erikssen CoolTech™ Fitness Tank
    Erikssen CoolTech™ Fitness Tank
  4. Ryker LumaTech™ Tee (V-neck)
    Ryker LumaTech™ Tee (V-neck)
  5. Balboa Persistence Tee
    Balboa Persistence Tee
  6. Lando Gym Jacket
    Lando Gym Jacket
  7. Hero Hoodie
    Hero Hoodie
  8. Chaz Kangeroo Hoodie
    Chaz Kangeroo Hoodie
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Knowledge Base is an online store resource center, that answers customers’ most popular questions and covers most customers’ self-service features.


  • Knowledge Base Hub - this is the place, where all categories and articles are listed. You can change URL of this page in Settings.

    • Example of Category Page - it contains all articles, that are assigned to this Category, along with short preview.
    • Example of Article Page - here you can see, how article is displayed, and how customers can rate and comment it. Note, that it can have more than one Category - they will be listed below contents.


  • Categories - here you will find a list of all Categories, defined for your Knowledge Base.
    • Example of Root Category - there can be only one Category of this type per store, and it is the only one to have Storeview visibility filter.
    • Example of Regular Category - this is how regular Category should look like.
    • Use Add Root Category and Add Subcategory buttons to create your own Categories. Please, note - if you're trying to create a subcategory, make sure, that you had selected at the Tree side pane its parent.
  • Articles - here you will find a list of all articles, defined for your Knowledge Base.
  • Settings - toy with different configurations, and see how it can tune-up our extension.

    If you have more questions, please, refer to full documentation.

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